Muslim Women with her Society

We will checkup our activities

  1. She will not speak lies.
  2. She likes to do good deeds.
  3. She will not cheat others.
  4. She will not spend her time in unnecessary things.
  5. She keeps justice among the people.
  6. She gives charity.
  7. She loves others.
  8. She will not feel happiness in others’ pain.
  9. She keeps the secrets.
  10. She will not jealous with others.
  11. She will give priority to others than her works.
  12. She meets her friends with smiley face.
  13. She calls people towards to truth ways.
  14. She keeps her promises.
  15. She respects the elders.
  16. She guides to virtue.
  17. She prohibits bad thoughts.
  18. She spreads ‘salaams’ among people.
  19. She joins with good friends.
  20. She helps to poor people.
J.Noorul Shifa

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